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2010: Science & Design

What is Science? How can approaches in scientific research be visually communicated? Which methods are used in the different scientific disciplines? Can methods of other disciplines be applied to our design? What is the meaning of research in design? Can the approaches of the design be applied to other scientific disciplines?

The first year of the Gutenberg-Intermedia Master Programme is devoted to the interaction between science and design. The city of Mainz, as «Science City 2011», offers an ideal setting for this. In this nationwide event the students will actively participate, e.g. by communicating the subject of «Science» throughout the city. In cooperation with scientific institutions you will research data suitable for creative representation and develop location-based projects to research and implement new forms of communication and interaction in the public environment. This could happen via a classic poster campaign, via graphic, typographic or photographic work, even as far as the computer-based visualisation of data.