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2015: Deep Typography

The next Master Programme in Communication Design starting October 2015 deals with the subject of Typography. Please apply for any of the five research areas below, submitting an exposé (approx. two pages A4) and an informative portfolio.

1) — Perception of Typography
Keywords: the reading brain, the process of reading itself, typefaces and their legibility quality, reading with analog and digital media, script manipulations, readability tests, ways of reading, legibility, etc.

2) — Typography and Technology
Keywords: Responsive Typography, Liquid Layout, State of Technology and Discussion, Development of reading devices, Blessing or Curse of Participation, Self-attempt with current technologies, old & new rules of typography, etc.

3) — Typography and Semiotics
Keywords: The meaning of characters, visual Rhetoric, Semiotic systems, History of Semiotics, User interface, Semantics, Syntax, Pragmatics, Lost in Translation, Pictograms, Ideograms, Phonograms, etc.

4) — Trends in Typography, Styles, Vogues
Keywords: Social and cultural developments, Development and Predictions of Trends, Mainstream vs. Avant garde, Zeitgeist, Rebellion, Hype cycles, etc.

5) — Variability in Type design
Keywords: Discriminability of Types, Type classification, Non-Latin writing systems, Origins and relationships of scripts, Original and Reproduction, Me-too-fonts

Together we are planning to approach those five research areas, from the scientific as well as from the experimental design area. Each of the 16 Students will have his or her own 24/7 workplace in the creative atmosphere of the Master building.

We expect and encourage intensive work and discussion. Workshops for digital print, silk screen printing, book binding, photography, an iLab, the Usability laboratory, a 3D mill and woodwork are available. Our theoretical topics comprise Design management, Psychology, Semiotics, Design theory and History of Art. The seminar program is rounded off by additional workshops and lectures.

This is your background for the three semesters you will spend on research work on your own project and enlarge upon your knowledge of Typography.

Master Programme 2015/2016
Directors of Studies
Prof. Johannes Bergerhausen
Prof. Ulysses Voelker

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