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1. What requirements do I have to meet to be admitted to the Master’s programme?

You will need a degree in a design oriented Bachelor or Diploma course with an average pass mark of at least ‘good’ (2,5). Your previous course must have a total of 210 credit points, which as a rule can be attained in seven semesters.

2. Can I also apply if my Bachelor’s degree only lasted six semesters or if I earned fewer than 210 credit points?

Of course you can, however, in this case you have to furnish proof of either an 18-week practical or similar relevant experience, or you have to complete additional modules in the Bachelor programme.

3. What can I do if I don’t get my Final Certificate in time?

You can apply with a certificate from your college/ university, stating your exam results. You can hand in your final certificate by 31st january.

4. Which application deadlines do I have to observe?

Your application needs to be in by 15st June, the programme starts with the winter semester.

5. How is the admission procedure structured and how long does it take?

At first we evaluate the submitted documents as well as the portfolio. A jury decides whether you are invited for round two. This takes the form of an interview, where we want to find out about your experience, your goals and your ideas. Once we have talked to all potential candidates, these results together with your bachelor grades will decide on your admittance for the Master’s programme.

6. What should my c.v. look like?

It is sufficient if this takes the form of a personal data sheet, stating the most important stages of your life up to the present.

7. What should I include in my portfolio?

A maximum of 10 pieces of work belong in the portfolio. Only select work that you are convinced of. This can be work from your previous studies, final theses or projects from practice. The work can currently only be submitted in digital form.

8. What to write in the proposal

You do not need a proposal for the current year!

9. Does my proposal have to be thematically related to the overall topic of the year?

You do not need a proposal for the current year!

10. How many applicants will be accepted?

A maximum of 16 applicants can be accepted every year.

11. What conditions apply to applicants from abroad?

Applicants with certificates acquired abroad must apply via Uni-Assist in Berlin (, who will assess your formal qualifications and compute your average mark.Uni-assist will then pass on the result to us. Most of the lectures and seminars will be in German. Therefore you will need to furnish proof of the TDNs level ( nachweisen. DSH1 and the Goethe certificate B2 are also accepted. Your other application papers can be sent direct to us.