Dr. Oliver Vodeb

Poper Studio, Ljubliana

Oliver Vodeb is a sociologist, a design theoretician and creative director. He wrote his Ph.D. thesis in Sociology at the University of Ljubljana (Slovenia) on the subject of Possibilities of a New Communication Concept. Oliver Vodeb is teaching Media and Communication theory and  practice in the Design Faculty of the Academy of Fine Arts at Ljubljana University. In 2006 he was co-founder of the »Poper Studio« for conceptional, creative and tactic interactions. Here he is working as Creative Director as well as in Conception. He sees himself as an activist, and as such has established »Memefest«, an international festival of radical communication. The project is meant to encourage students, designers, artists and activists to make their talents available for an online platform of counterculture, so that they don’t fall by the wayside through established communication.


\ September 29th, 2009

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