Programme Contents

The Master Programme is a full time course and divided into four modules. During the first two semesters the students enrol for courses from the workshops 1 to 3.

Module 1: Intermedia Project

The Intermedia Project is the core of the course, offering interdisciplinary work while tackling a complex project. This is a substantial design task, training not only creative skills, but also organisational abilities. This Intermedia Project is accompanied by several workshops to reinforce the theme.

Module 2: Theory Intermedia

The subjects Media Theory, Media Technology, Design Management and Cultural Orientation provide an overview of present social, cultural and technological developments in communication, enabling you to participate in the present theoretical discourse.

Module 3: Research

Here the students work on the subject suggested in their proposal. In the modules Research and Analysis, the student is trained in methods of scientific work.

Module 4: The Master’s Thesis

The last module, which occupies the 3rd semester, is totally taken up by the Master’s Thesis. This combines creative and theoretic research, requiring artistic-conceptual and scientific-reflective abilities.

Study Conditions

On a specially equipped Master’s Floor, each student has a workplace which is accessible 24 hours a day. Workplace, printer, beamer, W-LAN etc. are supplied by the university; students should have their own laptops.

All the workshops of the Communication Design Programme are available for design experiments. The extensive library also provides the latest magazines for research.

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